Meet Fiona

Photo by Kate Potter.

Hello! I’m Fiona Ghiglione, founder of Mothering Girls, mindfulness educator and mum of, yes you guessed it, two girls.

Over the past 10 years I have lived and worked across four continents of the world, raising my daughters and teaching mindfulness in schools. Increasingly, I have seen the difficulties mums, like me, face in raising their daughters in today’s complex, tech-focussed world. But I have also helped many mums overcome these challenges and build strong, enduring relationships with their daughters, which have guided them through their lives.

So it is possible and I am here to help you do the same! I have designed programs that bring together cutting-edge research in child-development and mindfulness but are also tailored to you and your daughter!

I truly believe one of the fundamental things our girls today need, for their wellbeing and growth, is old-fashion connection – the chance to talk, share, listen and learn with the people around them. Mothering Girls is a space where we rebel against the new “normal” and give ourselves and our girls the chance to really communicate, work together and carve out our own path towards adolescence and beyond.

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Fiona is warm and approachable and her students love the gentle and calm manner with which she teaches and manages their behaviour. She brings her maternal experiences to her lessons infusing them with tender discipline and kind understanding. Needless to say, she has great connection with her students and is an exemplary adult for them in many ways.

— Dr. Yin Mee Cheah

In a few online sessions, Fiona has been able to give our daughter the confidence and tools to deal with her ‘hard things’. The sessions and accompanying exercises have been a real turning point for her. As parents it has been fantastic to watch her grow and gain self esteem. Fiona is kind, wise and fun! We would recommend her to anyone!

— Merel, Mama Netherlands

Fiona‘s mindful parenting session has helped make the time I spend with my daughter so much more enjoyable. She is methodical yet sensible as a mindfulness teacher. Aside from her deep knowledge of the field, she is the most warm, kind, and calm person you’ll meet!

— Echo Han, Mama Singapore

Fiona worked with us as a consultant and was a very dedicated and conscientious colleague. She has highly developed analytical and research skills and was able to apply these in a very relevant way to solve client issues and develop appropriate solutions. I wish she was still in Australia and able to work with us on a full-time basis!

— Kelly Hooper, Psychologist

“Life is tough my darling, but so are you”

– Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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