Empowering mums to raise strong, confident young women

The Mothering Girls’ Mission

To educate, support and inspire mums and their pre-teen girls on how to live resilient, strong and connected, in today’s world.


There is so little support for mums of pre-teens yet it is such a critical age for preparing our girls for the world. It is too late to wait until adolescence hits to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Research has shown that stable, loving and responsive relationships are fundamental to a girl’s development. Relationships where she learn how to think, understand, communicate and develop social skills. And one of her most important relationships is with you – her mum!

Mothering Girls is dedicated to creating a tribe of women who take on the challenge of helping our girls navigate these challenging but rewarding years ahead and reach their full potential.

Fiona Ghiglione

Dr. Fiona Ghiglione is a specialist (researcher, practitioner and educator) in mindfulness, a mother of two girls and an expat. She draws on from her background in psychology, child and adolescent development, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Schools and personal meditation practice to create these special programs for mothers of pre-teen girls. 

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Program Overview

The Mothering Girls workshops and retreats are designed to deeply nurture you, your daughter and your relationship in preparation for the years ahead.

Dedicated to seeing you and your girls thrive, our programs take you through a journey of connection, reflection and exploration.

Drawing from the science of mindfulness and child development, my programs break the dominant narrative on adolescence and instead uphold it as a time of growth, resilience and connection.

Mother and pre-teen daughter hugging near a mountain

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them.

Young girls and mum hugging happily
Connected & Understood

Learn how to sustain a positive, loving relationship with your daughter, beyond childhood, through the teenage years and into adulthood.

Woman meditating in nature
Mindful & Resilient

Learn how to build a pool of resilience you can draw on to do the tough work of mothering – starting now before your daughter hits adolescence.

Teenager smiling
Supported & Whole

Learn how you can help your daughter make it through adolescence strong, supported, confident and true to herself.

Mother and teenage daughters sitting in the sun together


Events for mums and pre-teen daughters (8-12 years), focused on preparing you, your daughter and your relationship for the teen years.


A weekend get-away for mums and pre-teen daughters (8-12 years) designed to build skills, communication and connection away from technology and the pressures of every day life!

Mother and daughter happily resting in nature

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