The Preteen Friendship Journal



Does your daughter ever struggle to find friends or navigate friendship drama? Have you ever found yourself wondering how to help and guide her as she travels the road of friendship?

In this world of social media pressures, girl cliques and school-yard bullying it can feel hard for girls to find deep and meaningful connections. As friendships become more complex it is common for them to lack the skills and knowledge to know how to handle these complex dynamics skilfully. Yet it is right now in the preteens when they stand to gain the most from friendship skills.

This beautifully crafted journal guides our pre-teen girls (7 to 12) to understand and tackle important topics such as:

  • Who am I and how do I show up with my friends?
  • What do healthy friendships look like?
  • How can I find and cultivate good friendships?
  • How can I navigate tricky friendship situations?
  • What do I do if my friend isn’t being kind?

Every page is designed to help our girls reflect, learn and grow and can help open up conversations with parents too! A perfect gift for that special pre-teen in your life! ♥

“What a thoughtful gift to tomorrow’s young and compassionate nurturers and leaders. Friendship can be tricky at any age and being armed with intentional advice on something so integral to who we are and how we show up in the world is priceless. Fiona’s tone of voice and mindful contribution to this space is generous and incredibly helpful.” – Milly Bannister, Mental Health Advocate and Founder of ALLKND