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In this unique, fun and interactive mum-daughter workshop we start preparing our girls for their first phone. The workshop is designed to build practical skills to help our girls find balance, stay safe and true to herself online. It is designed to do this by building connection and positive communication between mums and daughters!

As mums we know eventually the day will come when we our daughter will get a phone. The moment we hand over that device our girls will have to make thousands of decisions online, the majority on her own. How to respond to messages and texts, who to accept as contacts, which apps to use, how long to use her phone, when to put it down. So naturally as parents we need to ask ourselves, “is she ready to be in charge of a device?”

Social media, chat groups, internet access, selfies, screenshots, comparisons, FOMO – the online world is a complex space that can challenge even the strongest parent-child relationship.

Surprisingly very few courses help us prepare our girls for this big transition – BEFORE she gets her phone! Most digital education focuses on teaching girls or parents separately but this journey actually plays out in the family and there will be many moments we need to navigate together. Which is why we designed this workshop for mums (and dads) to explore, learn and prepare together. We wouldn’t give our girls keys to a car without some preparation and our phones are equally as complex to navigate! 

What does the Phone Savvy workshop cover?

Over the course of three hours we will explore: 

  • How do I stay true to myself – even when my friends are doing something different?
  • How are phones & social media designed and why do they capture our attention so much?
  • Who do I want to be online?
  • How are phones & social media designed and why do they capture our attention so much?
  • What are some tips so I can I stay safe online and enjoy the experience?
  • How can we set up our home to help everyone have a healthy tech relationship?
  • What are our family rules on phones and what happens when rule are broken?

And more …

As parents you will walk away with:

  • A head-start on lots of important tech-related conversations with your daughter
  • A mum-daughter plan on how to communicate and problem solve when times get tough
  • A family phone contract that the girls have worked on with you
  • Ongoing resources, support and community

The Phone Savvy Experience

Who is it for?

Girls aged 10-12 and their parents*

What do other mums say?

“Really informative, relevant and thoroughly presented. Highly recommend!” – Suzy R. Singapore.

“I found the sharing with other mums and daughters to be invaluable.” – Anne, Australia.

“I loved listening to the open dialogue my daughter had with girls of her own age around the technology in their lives. Such a learning experience for us both.” – Ashley, Singapore.

“Before I had such a hard time talking to my daughter about social media. I wanted to talk about the risks but didn’t know how to start the conversation. The workshop with Fiona has helped us feel more comfortable talking. I want to keep that going once she gets her phone.” – Penny, Australia.


Can my partner join? Yes, of course, but we recommend you doing it too.

*Does that mean you advocate giving phones and social media to girls under 12? We are big advocates for the delay of phones (and social media). A big part of the workshop involves developing a plan and family contract for the gradual introduction of phone functions. Leaving the workshop you will be clearer on how that will look like for your family.

My child is under 10. Is she too young? We assess this an individual basis. If you are interested in signing up and your daughter is under 10 please send me an email at and we can chat about if it is a fit or not!

Can I organize a private group with my daughter’s friends and their mums? Yes, 100%! There is a great benefit to helping your daughter and her peers learning the same tools before phones especially teaching them the same etiquette for their interactions on whatsapp and social media.

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