Program Overview

Our daughters, much like ourselves, are unique, complex and constantly evolving. Yet, as mothers, it is easy to miss these nuances in our children as we navigate our own chaotic lives – filled with schedules, technology, work commitments, relationship pressures. Yes, the list goes on. With so much pulling on our attention it is increasingly challenging to be completely present to our girls, and them to us. 

But just as we prepared for their birth or entry into our lives, we can also prepare for our daughter’s next big transition: adolescence. My focus is on helping you to strengthen your relationship with your daughter in the valuable years starting now before adolescence.

In my programs we focus on getting good at the basics – like mindfulness, communication, self-care, limits and connection. We help you build trust and respect in your relationship with your daughter that both of you can draw on throughout the teenage years. And the best part is that the girls get to see other mums and daughters doing the same!

But let’s be honest with ourselves, doing this work isn’t easy. It will require us to be proactive, curious, determined and hopeful as we navigate our way through the ups and downs. Of which, no doubt, there will be many. And it requires us to be willing to look at ourselves and commit to growing, developing, oftentimes failing and of course celebrating along the way. My programs help you change your narrative on the adolescent years and give you support to grow as a woman and mum along the way!

Mother and young daughter smiling, cuddling and talking

Mother-Daughter Workshops

An online workshop for mums of pre-teen daughters (8-12 years), focused on nurturing you, your daughter and your relationship.

People sitting around a campfire talking


A get-away for mums and pre-teen daughters (8-12 years) designed to build skills, communication and connection away from technology and the pressures of every day life.

“I can do hard things” Coaching Series

A personalised 6-session coaching series for girls (8-12 years) to build resilience, grit and inspire our girls to try and work through challenging and difficult things in their lives.